Inequality in Latin America ; Breaking with History?

Ferranti, David de

Inequality in Latin America ; Breaking with History? - 1. Ed. - Washington, D.C. : The World Bank 2004 - xii, 380 pp. - World Bank Latin American and Caribbean Studies .

from the Table of Contents: Acknowledgments; Summary; Introduction: Motivation and Conceptual Framework; The Nature of Inequality in Latin America: Different Lives. Inequality in Latin America; Group-Based Inequalities. The Roles of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender; The Determinants of Inequality in Latin America: Historical Roots of Inequality in Latin America; State-Society Interactions as Sources of Persistence and Change in Inequality; Economic Mechanisms for the Persistence of High Inequality in Latin America; Policies for Lower Inequality: Policies on Assets and Services; Policies on Markets and Institutions; Taxation, Public Expenditures, and Transfers; Statistical Appendix;


Equality -- Latin America
Equality -- Caribbean Area
Latin America -- Social conditions -- 1982-
Caribbean Area -- Social conditions -- 1945-
Latin America -- Economic conditions -- 1982-
Caribbean Area -- Economic conditions -- 1945-

305 Social groups

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