The Market for Aid

Klein, Michael

The Market for Aid - 1. Ed. - Washington, D.C. : Washington, D.C. : The World Bank International Finance Corporation 2005, June - vii, 143 pp.

from the Table of Contents: Acknowledgments; Introduction: The Market for Aid; Understanding the Market for Aid: Aid Agency Competition. A Century of Entry, but No Exit; The Demand for Loans. Governments Restructure Their Debt; The Supply of Aid. How Are Donors Giving, and to Whom?; Donor Performance. What Do We Know, and What Should We Know?; Private Finance. Are Private Loans and Charitable Giving Replacing Aid?; What Kind of Aid?: Aid and the Resource Curse. How Can Aid Be Designed to Preserve Institutions?; Grants or Loans? Development Finance and Incentive Effects; Aid Effectiveness. Can Aid Agencies Be Smarter Than the Invisible Hand?; The Role of the Private Sector: Corporate Responsibility. When Will Voluntary Reputation Building Improve Standards?; Anarchy and Invention. How Does Somalia's Private Sector Cope without Government?; Output-Based Aid in Cambodia. Private Operators and Local Communities Help Deliver Water to the Poor; The Future of Aid: Scenario 1. The Rise of the Undergrowth; Scenario 2. The Big Push; Conclusion: Looking Back, Looking Forward; References;


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