organizational stress ; studies in role conflict and ambiguity

kahn, robert l.

organizational stress ; studies in role conflict and ambiguity - 1. ed. - new york, london, sydney : john wiley and sons 1964 - xii, 470 pp.

from the table of contents: theoretical orientations: introduction; a theory of role dynamics; research approaches to role conflict and ambiguity; consequences of role stress: role conflict; role ambiguity; organizational processes in role stress: system boundaries; innovative roles; rank and status; organizational norms. sources and consequences; interpersonal relations in role stress: role relations in formal organizations; power, influence, and the role-sending process; role relations and response to stress; personality processes in role stress: personality and the study of stress; neurotic anxiety; extroversion-introversion; flexibility-rigidity; achievement and security orientations; conclusions: conflict and attempted solution; the management of organizational stress; appendixes;

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