abelian groups

fuchs, l.

abelian groups - 3. ed., repr. - oxford, london, edinburgh : pergamon press 1967 - 367 pp. - international series of monographs in pure and applied mathematics vol. 12 sneddon, i.n. (ed.) stark, m. (ed.) kahane, j.p. (ed.) et al. .

from the table of contents: basic concepts. the most important groups; direct sum of cyclic groups; divisible groups; direct summands and pure subgroups; basic subgroups; the structure of p-groups; torsion free groups; mixed groups; homomorphism groups and endomorphism rings; group extensions; tensor products; the additive group of rings; the multiplicative group of fields; the lattice of subgroups; decompositions into direct sums of subsets; various questions;

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