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082 _a362 Social welfare problems and services
090 _aSozialwissenschaft
245 _aDisease Control Priorities in Developing Countries
_n(Chapters: 73) ;
_bDisease Control Priorities Project
250 _a2. Ed.
260 _aWashington, D.C. :
_bThe World Bank
_aNew York :
_bOxford University Press
300 _axlii, 1401 pp.
505 _afrom the Table of Contents: Foreword; Preface; Editors; Advisory Committee to the Editors; Contributors; Disease Control Priorities Project Partners; Acknowledgments; Abbreviations and Acronyms; Summary and Cross-Cutting Themes: Summary; Cross-Cutting Themes; Selecting Interventions: Infectious Disease, Reproductive Health, and Undernutrition; Noncommunicable Disease and Injury; Risk Factors; Consequences of Disease and Injury; Strengthening Health Systems: Strengthening Public Health Services; Strengthening Personal Health Services; Capacity Strengthening and Management Reform; Glossary; Index; Credits;
650 _aPublic health -- Developing countries
650 _aMedicine, Preventive -- Developing countries
650 _aHealth planning -- Developing countries
650 _aPublic health -- economics
650 _aCommunicable disease control -- economics
650 _aCost-benefit analysis
650 _aDeveloping countries
650 _aHealth planning
650 _aHealth policy
700 _aSepĂșlveda, Jaime
_e(Pr.) ;
_uNational Institutes of Health of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
700 _aJamison, Dean T.
_e(Ed.) ;
_uProfessor of Health Economics in the School of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco
700 _aet al.
700 _aBreman, Joel G.
_e(Ed.) ;
_uSenior Scientific Adviser, Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health
700 _aMeasham, Anthony R.
_e(Ed.) ;
_uFogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health
710 _aThe World Bank (Ed.)
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